Le Safrane
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11. Muligatani (creamy lentil soup with fresh coriander)9,00 € 
12. Tomatoes Shorba (tomato creamy soup, psices, garlic and fresh coriander)9,00 € 
20. Vegetables Momos (rice flour raviolis with vegetables and spices, fried or steamed)9,00 € 
21. Chicken Momos (rice flour raviolis with chicken and season vegetables served fried or steamed)9,50 € 
22. Beef Momos (rice flour raviolis with beef season vegetables, spices and garlic, served fried or steamed)9,50 € 
23. Momos Assorted (momos assorted)11,00 € 
24. Beef Roll (Brick dough shits rolled and stuffed with beef and potatoes)9,50 € 
25. Onion Rings (onion rings with lentil flour, spiced and fried)9,00 € 
26. Chicken Wings (seasoned and spiced chicken wings, deeply fried)10,00 € 
27. Tandoori Wings (seasoned and spiced chicken wings, tandoori baked)10,00 € 
30. Safrani Salad (assorted of fresh vegetables, salad leaves, chaat masala)9,00 € 
Fresh, hand-made, cooked to the tandour by the minute  
40. Chicken Naan (tandoori baked indian bread, stuffed with chicken)5,00 € 
41. Kheema Naan (bread stuffed with minced lamb)5,00 € 
42. Aloo Kulcha (bread stuffed with potatoes, green peas and fresh coriander)5,00 € 
43. Kulcha (bread stuffed with onions or garlic)5,00 € 
44. Nature Naan (plain indian bread)4,50 € 
45. Roast (whole wheat indian bread)4,50 € 
46.Cheese Naan (Bread stuffed with fresh Tofu cheese, tomatoes and bell peppers.)5,00 € 
Our Byriani (basmati rice cooked with spices garnished with meat or fish) 
70. Vegetable Byriani (steamed basmati rice sauteed with vegetables and spices)17,00 € 
71. Chicken Byriani (steamed basmati rice sauteed with vegetables, spices and pieces of chicken)21,00 € 
72. Salmon Byriani (steamed basmati rice sauteed with vegetables, spices and pieces of salmon)21,00 € 
73. Beef Byriani (steamed basmati rice sauteed with vegetables, spices and pieces of beef)23,00 € 
74. Lamb Byriani (steamed basmati rice sauteed with vegetables, spices and pieces of lamb)25,00 € 
Tandoori Dishes
Tandoor oven cooked dishes, marinated and lithly spiced  
80. Chicken Tandoori (chicken legs marinated with tandoori spices and grilled)19,50 € 
81. Chicken Tikka Tandoori (pieces of chicken breast marinated with mild spices and grilled)19,50 € 
82. Achari Tikka (pieces of chicken breast marinated with hot spices and grilled)19,50 € 
83. Beef Tikka (beef pices marinated and grilled)23,00 € 
84. Bakir Chops (lamb chops marinated and grilled)35,00 € 
85. Safran Assorted (assorted tandoori grilled meats)47,00 € 
86. Tikka Fish (pieces of fish filet marinated and grilled)21,00 € 
Light, light, light ...
110. Chicken Malai (chicken breast marinated with very mild spices and grilled in tandoori without oil)19,50 € 
111. Beef Tandoori (beef pieces lightly spiced, cooked in tandoori without oil)23,00 € 
112. Steamed Vegetables (steamed vegetables)11,50 € 
Rice and noodles steamed cooked
50. Nature Basmati (boiled basmati rice) 4,50 €
51. Vegetables Pilaf (basmati rice stuffed with carrots, green peas, french beans and curry onions) 5,50 €
52. Safrani Pilaf (basmati rice cooked with dired sultana raisins, cashew nuts and safran) 6,50 €
53. Veggies Noodles (noodles sautered with vegetables) 7,00 €
90. Chicken Tikka Masala (pieces of chicken breast grilled in tandoori cooked in a home-made masala sauce) 19,50 €
91. Chicken Curry (boneless chicken leg cooked in traditional curry sauce) 19,50 €
92. Chicken Korma (pieces of chicken cooked in a traditional cashew nut sauce with or without mushrooms) 19,50 €
93. Rogan Gosh (pieces of lamb cooked in a traditional curry sauce) 25,00 €
94. Chana Gosh (lamb and chick peas grains cooked with masala sauce) 25,00 €
95. Buna Gosh (lamb cooked in a home-made sauce with garlic, ginger, green bel peppers and onions) 25,00 €
96. Gosh Korma (lamb cooked is a mild cashew nut sauce, served with or without mushrooms) 25,00 €
97. Beef Rogan (pieces of beef cooked in a curry sauce) 23,00 €
98. Beef Chana (beef pieces and grains of chick peas cooked in a curry sauce) 23,00 €
99. Beef Buna (beef cooked in a home-made sauce with garlic, ginger green bel peppers and onions) 23,00 €
100. Beef Korma (beef pieces cooked in a mild cashew nut sauce served with or without mushrooms) 23,00 €
101. Machi Curry (pieces of fish cooked in a coconut sauce with spices) 21,00 €
102. Machi Masala (pieces of fish cooked in a tomato sauce and spices) 21,00 €
103. Jinga Masala* (Substitute of shrimps* with spices and masala sauce) 21,00 €
Vegetarian Curries
120. Allo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower cooked in masala sauce, cumin and fresh coriander) 15,00 €
121. Dal Makni (indian style cooked black lentils and red beans) 15,00 €
122. Bangan Barta (grilled eggplant, minced and cooked in tomato and onion sauce) 16,00 €
123. Sabzi Curry (Assorted vegetables cooked in a lightly spices) 15,00 €
Chinese noodles withwheat flour, garnished with garlic ginger and soy sauce, cooked in a wok
60. Vegatable Akka (sautered noodles with season vegetables) 17,00 €
61. Beef Akka (sautered noodles with beef and vegetables) 23,00 €
62. Lamb Akka (sautered noodles with lamb and vegetables) 25,00 €
63. Chicken Akka (sautered noodles with chicken and vegetables) 21,00 €
Kulfi Pistach (homemade indian ice cream with pistach) 8,00 €
Fruits Salad (fresh fruits salad) 8,00 €
Lychee (Lychee) 8,00 €
Iced Nougat (soft caramel ice cream cake, raspberry coulis) 9,00 €
Sorbets or Ice Cream (2 scoops) (of your choice : vanilla, chocolate, pasion fruit, lime, mango and coconut) 8,00 €
Chocolate mousse (chocolate mousse) 9,00 €
Sabayon 10,00 €
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